15th August 1992 to the 25th December 2020.

The English Premier League.

318 goalkeepers.

Let’s have it.


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Here he is, the big bad boss at the bottom of the list. And it might be a bit harsh as he…

We all remember it. We’ve all been back to watch it numerous times. We all recall when Mario Balotelli rolled the ball into the path of Sergio Aguero and the Argentine fired beyond Paddy Kenny in the final minutes of the season and secured Manchester City’s first Premier League title.

Let’s play another game of ‘What If…?’

Because I did it last month and one person ‘clapped’ it, making it the most popular article I’ve ever done.

This time though, I’m getting a bit more local and a little further down the pyramid and a scooch back in time and…

It was poor form. That’s what it always is.

But let’s take a page out of Marvel’s book and play a spirited game of ‘What If…?
I put forth that it was not just poor form, ’twas lack of VAR intervention that downed The Cherries.

The date: 17th June.
The Year…


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