Euro 2022 Overview — Semi-Finals — It’s A Long Way To Wembley


There was something marvellous about that. I’m gonna need to take the night and get back to this tomorrow — see you then.
Okay. I’m back. Here we go.

WOMAN OF THE MATCH: Frank Kirby — England. I love you, Fran Kirby. Controlled a vital part of the pitch and pushed her side forward and into the breach.


A big game between two big teams. Wherever it’s played, whomever plays it, whichever sport it is, if you put Germany and France up against one another, it feels like a thing. And this is no exception — it is to be played for a spot on the grandest stage of the moment in the balance. Neither side entered as favourites, but they’ve asserted themselves into that conversation, with one of them now having to bow out. A game of pride, is on.

WOMAN OF THE MATCH: Alexandra Popp — Germany. Sure, she deserves this, she’s waited, but it’s how she’s continued to grab it and never seems like she’s going to let go. A force.
  • England vs. Germany



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