Euro 2022 Overview — The Final — A Tale As Old As Time

  • Germany had won eight titles (out of twelve), and had never lost in a final.
  • England had only beaten Germany twice.
  • The only side to have scored against Germany thus far in the competition, is Germany.


The game began energetically. England, learning from their previous sluggish start against Sweden, came out of the blocks like lightning. And Germany stood firm.
England stuck to their game plan and built their own attacks. And Germany stood firm.
England hassled and harried the German defence. And Germany stood firm.
As ultra-composed as ever, Germany were secure in their ideals, and soon, frustration began to set in, tempers bubbled under the surface. None of this aided by a brilliant referee having a terrible game, not calling obvious fouls early doors only to then gain a guilty conscience(?) and blow for everything under the sun, in some instances before the offending act had been committed, if one was committed at all. This plagued the game, but often players will have to play around an official having an off-day, and this was no different.
The first-half were the teams settling into the final, getting to grips with each other — two generations vastly different to those prior, the ones who had marched out at Euro 2017, two generations primed for glory. This was shaping each other up, leaving a mark, all to finalise the ultimate gameplan to see the other off in the second half.

WOMAN OF THE MATCH: Keira Walsh — England. Remained calm, raised the alarm, and started the attacks. Just everywhere and all at the right time.



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