Get Rid of FA Cup Replays… Question Mark.


  • The replay is played at the ground of the team who were the away side in the initial match. This means that they get the monetary reward of the gate that they were initially denied by the random draw of fixtures.
  • In the same vein, it can be considered a reward for the initial away side to earn a home game after going away and getting a draw (even though the initial home side managed to draw as well and this one doesn’t really take in financial/hierarchy disparity).


  • Another game in an already congested calendar.
  • The initial match could be seen as a wasted day for all, with no outcome or result. The replay is merely delayed gratification.
  • While the looming threat of a replay might make the sides push for the win, it does then essentially punish them for not attaining it.
  • Discards the momentum of lower-league sides against higher-positioned opposition.
  • Plays into the favour of better-off sides who have better facilities with/in which to prep as they play fewer games overall then their lower division counterparts.
  • For right now it means more travel in dangerous times. We’re constantly told travel should be kept to a minimum and while I haven’t seen my family outside of Zoom in 453 days, Ipswich will travel to Barrow to reignite their hotly contested 0–0 from a week prior.




Freshly squeezed football content. Mostly.

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Freshly squeezed football content. Mostly.

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