The 20/21 WSL Genius Test Results

Am I a genius?
Well now the official test is complete and we can find out.

Nine months ago, I predicted the Women’s Super League table, and it came out like this.

1. Chelsea
2. Manchester City
3. Arsenal
4. Manchester United
5. Reading
6. Everton
7. Aston Villa
8. Brighton
9. West Ham
10. Bristol City
11. Tottenham
12. Birmingham City

And here is how it actually finished.

1. Chelsea
2. Manchester City
3. Arsenal
4. Manchester United
5. Everton
6. Brighton
7. Reading
8. Tottenham
9. West Ham United
10. Aston Villa
11. Birmingham City
12. Bristol City

Now, with a not-that-complex system of scoring where I start at 0 and move backwards for every position I got wrong, for example, I had Bristol City finishing 10th and they finished 12th, so that’s minus 2 from my score, I can finally calculate my genius.

I think the worst I can do is -72… So let’s see if I’m a smart cookie or a dumb biscuit.


Score: 0


Score: -3


Score: -1


Score: -2


Score: -2


That final assist from Kirby for Kerr against Reading, oh yes.

Score: 0


Score: -1


Score: 0


Score: 0


Score: -2


Score: -3


Score: 0

— —

To the last day at both ends of the table. You love to see it.

We bid farewell to Bristol City and congratulate Chelsea before we shake it off in a week or so and get ready for when twelve sides meet again, this time with a rambunctious Leicester side in the mix.

And big up to Chelsea for reaching the Champo League final in dramatic-ass fashion as well. Good luck, lasses.

So how did I do? This is my first time doing this, so no comparisons to go on, but with the worst I can do like -72, I’ll say something under -30 is pretty good.

I got…


MY BIGGEST WINNERS: West Ham, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal — 0
MY BIGGEST LOSERS: Tottenham, Aston Villa — -3

Maybe next season, eh? I’ll see you there. I’ll be the one getting too excited by Leicester and overestimating them again. Or maybe I’ll estimate them correctly… Hmm…

Keep it streets ahead,


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