The History and Lineage of The WWE Alicia Fox Championship

5 min readMay 8, 2017

Recently, I had a Reddit post taken down due to being described as ‘low effort content’ from the subreddit ‘r/squaredcircle’. I’m not much of a redditor, but a love of professional wrestling has kept me coming back to this particular page. The post in question was a swift screenshot entitled ‘The History Of The Alicia Fox Championship’, and since it was just the one screenshot, I side with Reddit on their conclusion of ‘low effort’. But this got me thinking… And thinking got me researching… And researching got me to the conclusion that I have a lot more to say about The History Of The Alicia Fox Championship than I previously thought… So please, follow me.

Alicia Fox has been one of my favourite parts of WWE-TV for some time. She’s just entertaining; whether she’s about to snap or reacting to the live audience in a way that no-one else does, I love watching Ms. Fox. Recently, she’s found a home on 205 Live as the love interest of Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar, going back and forth between the two as she seems to pick and choose who she sides with. So noticeable was this, that I whipped this up:

This is the title history of the ‘WWE Alicia Fox Championship’. She had been going through the guys in the cruiserweight division since late last year, and everyone loves statistics (I do, I love statistics), so here it is.

Complete with combined reigns! This should have a Wikipedia entry…

Then I thought this was unfair. Alicia Fox is an awesome character and she’s more than just a valet/love interest just because that’s how she’s been cast in the past six months.


Alicia Fox has been with WWE for about a decade now, so with a bit of research, I cooked up a bit of high effort content, so behold:



Freshly squeezed football content. Mostly.