The World As It Needs To Be Known

  • They want guns.
    Having no guns doesn’t stop people committing crimes, it just makes people scared to defend themselves.
  • Compulsory military service.
    Lads between 18–25 will have to sign up. Conscientious objectors will also be given civilian jobs, while women can sign up if they want to.
  • Get the birth-rate up.
    The title of one of their points is verbatim ‘Larger families instead of mass immigration’.
  • Don’t get ’em started on abortion.
    They will encourage clinics to sway those seeking advice into keeping the child.
  • German culture first.
    No teaching or appreciation of outside cultures as it might be at odds with theirs.
  • They try to beat around the bush on Islam…
    Stating that they respect whatever faith you wanna practice before the very next point states that Islam has no place in Germany. They don’t view criticism of Islam as Islamophobia and while they’re happy for Muslims to come in, they have to be the right Muslims. In other words, be a good Muslim, and you can live here. Also, no burqas.
  • No gender studies.
    No ‘new-age’ language, back to biological genders with no exploration. Also, no gender quotas in the work place, and no sex education.
  • Scrap renewable energy.
    Look into that fracking business, though…
  • And of course…
    They want to build a border wall. Well, a fence.




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Freshly squeezed football content. Mostly.

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