Women’s Super League Team of the Week — Matchday 13

4 min readFeb 6, 2024

Here’s a team of the week for Matchday 13, comprising the games played on the 3rd and 4th of February 2024. A stride needs to be gotten into from here really… It might not be the home stretch, but there’s only a few fences to go.

GK: Mackenzie Arnold (West Ham United)
LB: Kirsty Smith (West Ham United)
CB: Amber Tysiak (West Ham United)
CB: Maya Le Tissier (Manchester United)
CB: Naomi Layzell (Bristol City)
RB: Ashley Lawrence (Chelsea)
CM: Honoka Hayashi (West Ham United)
CM: Erin Cuthbert (Chelsea)
LW: Lauren Hemp (Manchester City)
RW: Geyse (Manchester United)
ST: Mayra Ramirez (Chelsea)

If you couldn’t tell, West Ham put in one of the performances of the season to topple title-contenders Arsenal. While lone Gunner Steph Catley deserves a shout-out, she was outgunned by The Hammers even in her position where Kirsty Smith put in shifts all over the pitch. Amber Tysiak had her best game in a claret shirt at the back as well and that was matched by the stopper behind her in Mackenzie Arnold. Then you had your pivot proving pivotal just as she did previously against Bristol City — Honoka Hayashi ran back to aid her sisters before (and after) legging it forward to assist her sisters — remarkable play from the Japanese international. This game had an impact at both ends of the table, and let’s start with the bottom, where Brighton and Everton both fail to put forth any representative in defeats to championship challengers Manchester United and Chelsea, respectively (who we’ll come back to), but Bristol City and Aston Villa, along with Leicester to round out the bottom half can count some shining stars among their ranks, as well as a shooting one for The Robins. Naomi Layzell is quite often the beating heart of the Bristol City defence and she proved it once again here by laying her body on the line for the cause. Her goalkeeper Shae Yanez and creative mate Ffion Morgan did much the same. For Villa, Kenza Dali continues her roll to get back to her best, while Anna Patten and (especially) Kirsty Hanson put in an almighty shift. There’s something in the water at the goalkeeper’s quarters in Leicester ‘cos Lize Kop has caught the Janina Leitzig lurgy and it’s one everybody wants to have. Jutta Rantala looks a coup for The Foxes as well.
Into the top half then, and outside an honourable mention for Spurs’ strength-to-strength Grace Clinton, the body and soul is filled out by players from Chelsea and the two Manchester clubs. For The Blues, Nathalie Björn barely misses out as she continues to look like a different player since her transfer but the industriously tricky Ashley Lawrence, the underratedly absorbent Erin Cuthbert, and the hearty prowess of Mayra Ramirez easily walk them into the side as they ran the show across the park. Manchester City see Laia Aleixandri, Chloe Kelly (who we may hear from further down the page, and Khadija Shaw miss out, but you know if you’re seeing Kelly and Bunny, that Hempy ain’t too far away as she glides into the team sans effort once more. Finally, The Red Devils might have the best individual centre-back in the league in Maya Le Tissier, who can thwart attacks for the next two decades if she likes, all while Geyse continues to give off the vibes that a certain Portuguese winger did not so long since for the same team… She’s starting to run the show out there. For the second week on the bounce however, Nikita Parris is unlucky not to be included. She’s found a groove and she’s not getting out of it. Lucia Garcia is unfortunate to miss out as more trust continues to be placed in her, and Mary Earps is never shy to show off some of those freaky fundamentals.

In a week for dazzling defensive displays, I’d be remiss if Player Of The Week didn’t go to a baller at the back, but what’s better than getting both backwards and forwards? Honoka Hayashi, take a bow. Goal Of The Week has five options once again, with Erin Cuthbert finishing off a slick passing move, Lauren Hemp improvising a flick beyond an impressive defence, Carrie Jones launching in a belter, and Celin Bizet reacting like a lightning strike to lob Laws all falling by the wayside because Chloe Kelly scored an Olimpico.
You could see her weigh it up, I reckon she meant it.

Tackle Of The Week as well.

Keep it streets ahead,